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​Love Your Pet Love Your Vet       was founded by Psychologist Dr Nadine Hamilton, who spent over six years researching veterinarian wellbeing at doctoral level.  Her research investigated why the rate of suicide in this profession is so high (roughly four-times the national average), as well as developing an evidence-based psycho-educational intervention program (which resulted in reductions in anxiety, stress, and depression in veterinarian participants).  Dr Hamilton has since published her book "Coping with Stress and Burnout as a Veterinarian" which is available for purchase here.

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Vets are incredible and we love what they do for our pets – a little thanks and a smile can go a long way in helping your vet feel appreciated.

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While many may think that working with pets all day is a dream job, the reality is that many vets spend their workdays performing euthanasia on sick animals, dealing with difficult clients and experiencing compassion fatigue.

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Did you know that veterinarians have one of the highest rates of suicide?

Love Your Pet Love Your Vet is raising awareness to reduce the stigma of speaking up and seeking help.

Vet visits come with the territory of owning a pet. Whether it’s just for an annual check-up or perhaps managing a more serious illness, your pet will at some stage in their lives need to see a vet. 

With some careful preparation, heading to the vet can be stress free for everyone involved.

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Introduction to the campaign

Hear their passion, their challenges, and their stories.

Take a sneak peek as we hear first-hand the reality of the veterinary industry.


Each week we’ll be releasing more videos in our ‘Vets of Australia’ mini-series.

Vets of Australia - #1

Why did you become a vet?

Please take the time to meet our vets who have all opened up about their vet life experience 


Vets of Australia - #2

Has working as a vet met your expectations?

Things are not always as they seem - hear our vet’s stories about the realities of their job 


Vets of Australia - #3

We think it's important for everyone to understand what a day in the life of a vet is like.

Vets of Australia - #4

Sending our love and support to all vets.  Please listen to Andy as she tells us about her day. 

Vets of Australia - #5

As vets, we all know the feeling of doing the best you can do and sometimes it not being enough. We hope that all vets are treated with care, support, and love for their incredible work.

Vets of Australia - #6

Financial constraints can be challenging to talk about with any patients.

Vets of Australia - #7

Hear our vets talk about the challenges of the unrealistic expectations often placed on them. 

Vets of Australia - #8

Compassion fatigue is very real - in this week’s video Dr Andy and Dr Scott share their experiences within the veterinary industry.

Vets of Australia - #9

Suicide rates are high within the veterinary industry. Listen to our vets Dr Scott and Dr Gerardo talk about suicide and other vulnerabilities.

Vets of Australia - #10

Euthanising pets is one of the most difficult aspects of the job for many vets. In this week’s short video, Dr Gerardo explains it a little further.

Vets of Australia - #11

In this video, Emeritus Professor Trevor Heath OAM talks about some of the challenges of working as a vet - specifically the working environment and placements.

Vets of Australia - #12

Our vets explain what a perfect day is like for them - and how certain clients make their day!

Vets of Australia - #13

In the second-last video of our amazing campaign, Dr Andy shares her thoughts on what needs to change within the veterinary industry to improve the lives of vets.

Vets of Australia - #14

In the final video of our mini-series, Dr Scott and Dr Anthony share their thoughts on things that need to change within the veterinary industry.