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Were you aware that veterinarians have such a high rate of burnout and suicide?  Despite the perception veterinary and animal workers get to play with cute animals all day and earn lots of money, this is far from the reality.


Love Your Pet Love Your Vet is a registered charity in Australia leading the way in increasing wellbeing in the veterinary industry, raising awareness and building community support to highlight and address the disproportionately high rate of suicide within this profession, and providing psychological and educational support to veterinary and animal workers around the world.

Founded by leading global authority on veterinary wellbeing, renowned Psychologist Dr Nadine Hamilton from Positive Psych Solutions, Dr Hamilton spent over six years of doctoral studies researching veterinarian wellbeing and has worked extensively with this profession for over a decade.  She is one of the world's foremost experts in this area.

Dr Hamilton created Love Your Pet Love Your Vet as she believed what was needed was a paradigm shift so our veterinary and animal workers can do the work they are so passionate about without the negative and often life-threatening consequences.  Our efforts are having a positive impact and we are constantly told we are helping to save many lives.  


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Australian pet owner and veterinarian relationship research report

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