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Who doesn't love a good conference?  We sure do - especially when they are promoting and supporting our charity!

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Reach Out Wellbeing Conference for veterinary professionals

Kingscliff, Northern NSW (just across the Qld border)

Saturday 5 - Sunday 6 March 2022


If we are to progress research into veterinary wellbeing and attempt to find effective solutions that can help prepare and empower veterinary professionals like you to deal with the realities of working within it, we need to delve deeper into the real-life issues that are hindering wellbeing.


Dealing with 'band-aid' solutions or 'tip of the iceberg' situations is extremely unlikely to generate significant, lasting, psychological change. We need to get to the core or root of the problem and deal with these issues (as uncomfortable as they may be for some people) if we want things to change effectively. The reality is that whether you acknowledge the sad, hurtful, and even traumatic things that have happened in your lives or not, it doesn't change the reality of what happened. The more you avoid dealing with them, the bigger and more powerful they can seem.


As well as seeking individual support with a qualified professional where necessary, what is needed are effective proven and beneficial programs being provided to assist you in dealing with the everyday demands of your profession - a psychological toolbox of resources you can refer to when required.


That's why the Coping and Wellbeing Program for Veterinary Professionals was developed for both guided intervention and self-help support. Built from evidence-based theory and practice, the program is a unique professional development and psycho-educational intervention. It educates veterinary professionals on how to develop protective attitudes, enhance wellbeing, and subsequently increase their coping skills.

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